We recognise that it is always hard to cope when a loved one dies and that having to deal with the paperwork can be over whelming at this sad time.

You may find yourself amongst a muddle of paperwork or are having difficulty finding the relevant paperwork or what to look for, our probate services can help you.

Whatever your situation we are here.  We can advise and help you through the maze of executorship and what it means to you. We are able to help with all aspects of the administration and to assist the Executors and Personal Representatives in making their personal applications for Grant of Probate – we are not currently licensed by the ICAEW and cannot apply for Probate on your behalf, but we can complete the paperwork for you, to enable you to do so.

We can also offer the following services:

  • Work with the Executors to gather the information and to assist them in dealing with their probate application.
  • Complete the Inheritance Tax Returns and deal with any taxation matters that arise.
  • Complete the personal application form for you.
  • Help to collect and distribute any assets in accordance with the will.

As accountants and tax specialists we are experienced in dealing with inheritance tax advice and tax planning, including completing and filing all the required tax forms with HMRC. This means we can reduce the stress and time it takes to complete the necessary information and help you to keep the costs down.